2014 Stock 6 Cylinder Rules  -  Must Remain Pure Stock!

(Depending on car count may run with MINIS with  POSSIBLE weight restrictions)

#1 - Body
1.1 OPEN TO ALL V6 American made steel bodied cars or trucks from 1990 and newer with a minimum wheel base of 2615mm or 103". Only cars made by General Motors (S10), Ford (Ranger), and Dodge (Dakota) are eligible, regardless of manufacturer. No convertibles or SUVís. This class is designed to be a pure stock class using all factory computer controls. If you are not clear as to what type of car this is please call the Tech Inspector.
1.2 Body lines must remain stock.
1.3 No cowl openings or hood scoops.
1.4 All glass must be removed.
1.5 All headlights, door handles and body trim must be removed. Light openings can be covered with aluminum or tin.
1.6 Interior of car must be completely stripped with the exception of the instrument cluster and computer location.
1.7 Driver must sit in factory stock location. All pedals must remain stock in the factory location. Floor pan must remain stock front to rear, with all rusted areas repaired.
1.8 Front firewall must remain stock with all holes covered. Rear firewall must be sealed off completely..
1.9 Battery must remain in stock location. BATTERY SHUTOFF SWITCH MAY BE REQUESTED.
1.10 Front and rear bumper must remain in stock location. Bracing is permitted behind the bumper cover. No external bars permitted. One exterior rub rail may be used on each door. They must be mounted tight to body of car.
1.11 Minimum weight WITH DRIVER IN CAR and no fuel added after race.
1.12 Steering column must remain stock.
1.13 Lift chains or cables on front and rear for towing.
1.14 The wheelbase measurement on the right and left side of the car must be within 1/4 inch measured center of wheel to center of wheel.
1.15 Minimum roll cage mounting will be 6 mounting points, with 4 mandatory 4 horizontal door bars and 3 vertical bars. Main cage supports must be attached to the floor with a 4"X4" plate that is 1/4 inch thick. The plate must be bolted and welded to the factory frame or floor. Each cage will be checked for a safe installation. Full cages are recommended. 1 ĺ minimum tubing for main bars.
1.16 Aluminum racing seats are mandatory. They will be mounted to roll cage.
1.17 Quick release five-point seat belts designed for racing is mandatory. All belts must have an identification tag. Age of safety belts must not be older than 3 years and must be mounted to roll cage.
1.18 Padding will be required on all bars that come in contact with the driver. Steering wheel hub must be padded.
1.19 Fire extinguisher must be mounted within reach of the driver and the track crew.
1.20 Stock fuel tanks and pumps mounted in factory stock location with skid plate. After market fuel cells are allowed. Must hold 12 gallons or less of fuel and have a bladder. Fuel cells must be safely mounted to the chassis in the rear trunk areal, behind the rear seat fire wall.

2.1 No heavy duty or limited suspension parts allowed. No adjustable shocks or spring adjusters.
2.2 Spring and shocks must be stock for make and model of car. No aftermarket springs.

#3 - Engines
3.1 Stock unaltered V6 engine and transmissions. Engine must match make and model.
3.2 No turboís or superchargers.
3.3 Maximum number of valves is 2 per cylinder.
3.4 No 4-cam engines allowed.
3.5 - 3.1 liter engines or smaller must be 2900 lbs.
3.6 - 3.1-3.4 liter engines must be 3000lbs.
3.7 - 3.4 or larger engines must be 3300 lbs.
3.8 Site plug optional in oil pan on drivers side of oil pan, towards the front of pan, 3 to 6 inches back OR be prepared to pull oil pan.
3.9 After market in-line EFI fuel pumps allowed, must deliver fuel at the same pressure as the stock pump. All electric fuel pumps MUST have a clearly labeled shut off switch within reach of the track safety workers.
3.10 Stock air intake only . After market air filter elements may be used.
3.11 Engine must use all factory intake and injectors for make and model with all factory sensors connected. NO aftermarket or special order items allowed.
3.12 Exhaust must be factory stock manifolds with ONE outlet. One muffler or catalytic converter is required. Exhaust must be routed to the outside of the vehicle behind the driver. No dual exhaust.
3.13 Factory stock ignition only. NO aftermarket computers of chips.

#4 - Transmission, Bell housing and Drive shaft
4.1 Only production automatic or standard transmissions for the year and model allowed.

#5 - Brakes
5.1 Brake rotors must be factory stock with stock pads, no heavy duty or limited production items. No brake bias adjustments.
5,2 All brakes must be in working order and MUST work.
5.3 All brake fluid lines and hoses must be in respectable condition. Anti lock systems may be removed.

6.1 Tire size will be the standard size for make and model. No oversize tires.
6.2 Wheels must be steel only. No aluminum wheels will be permitted. All 4 wheels must be the same offsets. No spacers or adapters.
6.3 215-60-R15 will be allowed. If 60"series are used the must be on all 4

#7 - Other
7.1 Full coverage driver racing suit with an approved Snell rated helmet will be required. After 3 years of being track champion you must move up to the next class.
7.2 All teams must have and maintain a one-way radio/scanner for direct communication with the Freedom tower. This has helped with positioning and safety. Track radio - 454

**While the above rules offer a good outline, not everything can be covered by a written rule. If a car has a part that no one else has, and its not mentioned in rules, its not assumed legal. Ask first. If you want to run anything not covered ask Troy Shuknecht at 585-409-1366 or 585-409-4061  first before doing so. If you donít ask and anything is found it will automatically