2014 Danny Heineman and Sons, Inc. Mini Stock Rules

#1 - Body
1.1 STOCK APPEARING BODIES ONLY! Can buy aftermarket body packages from
5 star Bodies or Performance Bodies or make your own bodies from steel or aluminum will be legal.
1.2 Any 4 cylinder sedan, subcompact, compact car allowed. No convertibles, station wagons two seat sports car or 4 wheel drive all-wheel drive allowed. No Camaros or Firebirds.
1.3 Minimum weight 2500 lbs. with driver.
1.4 Must be front engine car.
1.5 Recommend to tie front frame to rear of car with 2x2 and attach roll cage to 2x2 but not mandatory.
1.6 Must have complete 4 point cage installed in professional matter 11/2" .095 tubing min 3 door bars on drivers side.
1.8 Aluminum racing seat and 5 point harness mandatory must be attached to roll cage with at least 6 bolts.
1.9 12 gal max racing fuel cell STRONGLY recommended. If running stock fuel tank, must have skid plate underneath and securely mounted.

#2 - Front / Rear Suspension
2.1 Chassis must retain stock type suspension. NO adjustable spring pockets allowed
2.2 Quick Steers are not allowed.

#3 - Engine
3.1 Engine must remain stock as manufactured. DOHC engines are allowed.
3.2 No turbo chargers, only naturally aspirated motors.  V Tech Motors Allowed (Subject to Weight Restrictions)
3.3 Must be same engine for make.
3.4 No strokers.
3.5 Block may be bored up to .060
3.6 No After market Rods or Cranks.
3.7 No porting polishing of any sort to heads stock OEM size valves plus or minus 0.010.
3.8 Stock intake no machine work to be done on intake.
3.9 No high performance ignitions or ignition boxes. OEM only.
3.10 Stock carburetors, stock fuel injected or stock Holley 2 barrel 4412 or 4412s carburetors must pass track tech inspection tools.
3.11 Site plug optional in oil pan on drivers side of oil pan, towards the front of pan, 3 to 6 inches back OR be prepared to pull oil pan.
3.12 Headers allowed but will have a $200 (new) maximum that can be spent on them. Stock manifolds are allowed.
3.13 OEM 12volt ignition systems only.

#4 - Transmission, bell housing, drives haft
4.1 Front and rear hoops strongly suggested.

#5 - Brakes
5.1 4 wheel brakes most work at all times.

#6 - Tires and Wheels
6.1 Steel racing wheels 7' wide.
6.2 Hoosier and American Racing Ttire allowed or any dot tire. NO snows, mudders, aggressive type tire allowed.

#7 - Other
7.1 Mufflers mandatory.

**While the above rules offer a good outline, not everything can be covered by a written rule. If a car has a part that no one else has, and its not mentioned in rules, its not assumed legal. Ask first. If you want to run anything not covered ask Troy Shuknecht at 585-409-1366 or 585-409-4061  first before doing so. If you donít ask and anything is found it will automatically be ruled illegal. Any item found illegal will be confiscated!

(BANDITS) The Bandits is designed for the younger beginner racer, Ages 12-18 They will follow MINI STOCK